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Monitor single host from multiple locations

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    Monitor single host from multiple locations

    Evaluating Zabbix and would like to know if it is possible to monitor a single host from more than 1 zabbix server to confirm the host is really down and then undertake an action if 2 or more servers agree

    Well, when using passive agents, you can monitor a client server from multiple zabbix servers.

    With a little bit of scripting and/or use of remote commands you could probably build a system that would only notify if both zabbix servers see a node as down.

    It would become fairly complex on a larger scale though
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    Online Zabbix tutorials:


      Thanks Raymond,

      Suspected as much, if I come up with a scalable solution I will post

      BR John


        Working on the same issue here.

        Oh, and it needs to scale. To monitoring 18,000 hosts at first, but for full coverage, we'd need to monitor 409,590 hosts (as of today, and we're adding about 500 hosts a day).


          Any update?

          Has anyone come up with solutions to implement in this manner. I'd be very interested to know how to do this.



            If you want to monitor that amount of hosts, you really should think this over *very* well and do some proper research/planning, set proper requirements etc before jumping straight to ideas and how you think it should be implemented exactly.

            So far my "Captain Obvious"-behavior.

            More technical, I guess you don't want to use multiple servers to check if a client is really-really-really down. There are other possible solutions, like aggregated passive checks, active checks, client-side custom checks, scripting, etc. Still, you need a proper plan before you start building. Swinging into one direction as first step (without thinking it over properly) can cost you!

            My basic advice: get help from a Zabbix professional, preferably certified for large Zabbix deployments.

            If you have more questions, just let us know