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agent not monitoring network traffic - linux

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    agent not monitoring network traffic - linux

    Has anyone seen an issue where the zabbix agent is not pulling incoming/outgoing traffic on linux server, but still is pulling/polling data for CPU, RAM, Disk space, etc...?

    I have a server runing SLES10, and have other servers just like the same build.
    I have some that are pulling incoming/outgoing traffic on eth0/1, but a handful that aren't gathering any data.

    Would it be recommended just to re-install the agents on the servers?

    They are using the same template as others, [template - linux].

    and the same items:[eth0,bytes]

    Thanks for the help.
    looking through previous threads also, with no luck yet.

    So when I look at the zabbix server log, I see...

    5401:20110610:145427.283 Item [[eth0,bytes]] error: Type of received value [10350078041361] is not suitable for value type [Numeric (float)]

    I also see in my zabbix server GUI that not all, but on the servers where its not pulling the eth0 incoming/outgoing data that the items are marked as "not supported".

    I have tried to enable them, but after enabling them, they just go back to the "not supported" status.

    I investigated more, and it looks like this is a bug? Is that true?

    If that is the case, then why does the item work on some server, and not others?
    the servers are the same OS build, and all zabbix agents were installed at the same time, using the same version of the agent....


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