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SNMP get from HP Switch

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    SNMP get from HP Switch


    I would like to query our HP Switch by using SNMP, but Zabbix does not give back any data.
    On the command prompt I can do a snmpwalk against the switch without any problems as well as I can read the device from with other tools.

    Anyone has an idea what I've done wrong with the item configuration ?
    (see attachment picture)
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    Seems to me that your snmp oid is not correct.
    This would be the way to go for cisco switch

    I see that your trying to put last two digits to KEY field. This field is irrelevant.

    My advice, put the full snmp oid in place and copy that in KEY field as a sort of reminder. For me it's easier like that.

    Try that and let me know how was it.



      Drop the last "0".


        Thanks for your responses. Tried several things based on your comments but still no luck, while I just want to query the System Description

        Attached my current setting and the output of my snmpwalk

        Is there any log in Zabbix that I can check ?
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          There is a log /tmp/zabbix_server.log

          The level of detail in there will depend on the debug level in the /etc/zabbix/zabbix_server.conf. If you use DebugLevel=4 it will tell give you a lot of information. A LOT!



            Please put the full OID in place and show me results.

            I see in picture above that you omitted ending zero.


              I have created the item, and it works.
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                Glad it worked

                You can find the numerical value of oid in numerous ways. We use full oid in place and do not bother too much about key. Maybe this is wrong but it does the job.

                So, your full oid would be: