Hi guys, I'm trying to use the default temporary of zabbix4.2.1 to monitor the mysql database.
what i have done? it can login without user name ,it can monitor two items.
but other items do not work, I think the problem locate to /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.d/userparameter_mysql.conf, am I right?
How should I do with it?
Thanks in advance!

[[email protected] zabbix_agentd.d]# pwd
[[email protected] zabbix_agentd.d]# vi userparameter_mysql.conf
# For all the following commands HOME should be set to the directory that has .my.cnf file with password information.

# Flexible parameter to grab global variables. On the frontend side, use keys like mysql.status[Com_insert].
# Key syntax is mysql.status[variable].
UserParameter=mysql.status[*],echo "show global status where Variable_name='$1';" | HOME=/var/lib/zabbix mysql -N | awk '{print $$2}'

# Flexible parameter to determine database or table size. On the frontend side, use keys like mysql.size[zabbix,history,data].
# Key syntax is mysql.size[<database>,<table>,<type>].
# Database may be a database name or "all". Default is "all".
# Table may be a table name or "all". Default is "all".
# Type may be "data", "index", "free" or "both". Both is a sum of data and index. Default is "both".
# Database is mandatory if a table is specified. Type may be specified always.
# Returns value in bytes.
# 'sum' on data_length or index_length alone needed when we are getting this information for whole database instead of a single table

UserParameter=mysql.ping,HOME=/var/lib/zabbix mysqladmin ping | grep -c alive
UserParameter=mysql.version,mysql -V

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