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Optimizing and troubleshooting Zabbix Server performance

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    Optimizing and troubleshooting Zabbix Server performance

    Zabbix 1.8.5 brought some new internal Zabbix checks that self-monitor Zabbix performance as seen in the below graphs. These can be great indicators of where your Zabbix setup may be experiencing stress, and can help you further tune your Zabbix settings.

    I can't stress enough the importance and benefit of checking these graphs on a regular basis. Particularly as your environment grows and you need to make adjustments to your zabbix_server.conf settings.

    These graphs are pre-made and can be found under Monitoring --> Graphs --> <Zabbix server>. The template that feeds these graphs is Template App Zabbix Server.

    It is best to view these graphs in a 1 day (24 hour) view. One hour is too short to get a clear picture of any patterns. More than 1 day and you may be missing some problem indicators.

    These are my graphs (At bottom of post) when my system is running nice and smooth. This is on my current 2.0.9 install. Zabbix server and Zabbix MySql DB are each on their own VM.

    The most common settings that affect your performance (Outside of your DB settings) are on your Zabbix server in the file zabbix_server.conf

    As an example, and for comparison purposes only, I am currently monitoring 1500 hosts with 95,000 items and 23,000 triggers. I have an NVPS of 1346. My NVPS is higher than I would like, but it is what it is.

    And these are my applicable zabbix_server.conf settings to handle the above:
    StartPingers=50 (I do a lot of ICMP pings)
    But again, that is just for comparison. Everyone's own environment will dictate what settings will be best for them.That is best determined by looking at ALL of your Zabbix internal process graphs and cache usage graphs, making adjustments in reasonable increments and re-evaluating the graphs to see if you are getting the desired results.

    Any changes to your zabbix_server.conf settings will require you to restart your zabbix_server process for them to take effect.

    Note that if you are making changes to those values, the defaults are preceded by a comment sign #. My preferred method to make changes is to add a new line directly under the default, and you must not precede it with a # sign or Zabbix will ignore that setting. The benefit of using this method is that you always know what the default settings were.
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    That's some cool looking stuff, and unfortunately it seems to not be in the software by default as none of those graphs exist, nor does the template you mention. Could you export the template and post it? I'm on 2.4.4 for reference.


      I think this one will work... under Zabbix 2.4.0

      This link:

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        Thanks much! I loaded that up and now I'm trying to figure out how to get things groomed. Started a thread at if you don't mind taking a look



        No announcement yet.