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Zabbix REST API's?

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    Zabbix REST API's?

    Hi all!
    Does anyone know if Zabbix has REST API's available?
    Our management team is using a dashboard tool "Klipfolio" for displaying Google Analytics data and they asked us if it's possible to add server performance data from Zabbix to Klipfolio.
    When I asked Klipfolio is they support Zabbix, this was their response:
    "If Zabbix has REST APIs available, we can test it out through our REST/URL connector."
    From their website it says: "Klipfolio can process Excel, CSV, JSON, and XML files from RESTful services".
    I have very limited knowledge of API's, can anyone help me on this?
    My goal is to find out whether Klipfolio will be capable of displaying results from Zabbix.
    Thanks a lot!

    Hi, I cannot confirm, but I was trying to write a code in Powershell and the Invoke-WebRequest did not worked, when I switched to Invoke-RestMethod it worked.
    So I suppose that the api is rest.