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Zabbix maps max label size

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    Zabbix maps max label size

    Hello Zabbix community,

    i have a quick question about the max label size in maps. I updated our Zabbix server to the new 3.4 version and now our max label size is default again. I wanted to change the size of the labels in the php files again, but I cannot find the line nor the file where to change this.

    Can someone tell me which file I have to edit for this?

    I would really like to find this out as well. I've been looking all over the forums and the zabbix feature requests to no avail. There's been plenty of talk about this over the years and even some patches that people have created to change some of the inc.php files. However, those were all written for a version of Zabbix that existed about six years ago at this point. Any instructions that I follow don't lead anywhere.

    There's got to be a somewhat simple change we can make somewhere to increase the label size on maps, right?

    I appreciate any help!