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Disable alerts while working on server

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    Disable alerts while working on server

    Is there any way to disable alerts for specific items for a specific time period without disabling the server manually?

    I have to upgrade servers and services on a regular basis but keep getting alerts that the server is down when working on it.

    It would be nice to have some way to integrate into my change management software so zabbix knows that there is work happening on the server and not send alerts.

    Any thoughts?

    You could drive the operational status of the zabbix triggers externally, via curl.

    It would then be a matter of scripting the functionality you need and integrating it via your change management system.

    - Paul



      There are a number of ways to do this, but one of the easiest is to add a group requirement to your alerts, for example, we have an active group and all hosts are in this group when they are under monitoring. This group is a requirement for the alerts, meaning no alert will be generated for a trigger unless the host is in this group. When we need to take one down for maintenance, we simply move the host out of the active group. The Zabbix server continues to monitor the host, triggers continue to be set, but no alerts are thrown. BTW, this is also a good way to do it from the SLA perspective as the triggers will still affect your SLA numbers, which maintenance should do.
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          Thanks a good idea.

          I was planning to use a userparameter set with a script. Every trigger rely on the value of the userparameter. So if you put the userparameter et 0, no trigger is activated.