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    no SMS logging

    Hi all,

    Installed a siemens tc35i GSM modem recently, but can't get it to work. Command line sending of messages (gnokii) is working perfectly.

    modem is on /dev/ttyS0, zabbix is in dialout group, set debug level to highest, but i do not see any entries in the log files. The only thing I see, is on the dashboard, in case of an event: mail sent, sms not send.

    Does SMS support have to be compiled in, or is there another reason that there is no logging of SMS activity?

    zabbix 1.6.6, ubuntu 8.04, 350 hosts, 2500 items
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    1. check administration -> audit -> action (or was it monitoring -> actions in 1.6 ? can't recall)

    2. su - zabbix, try to send sms from cli
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      Thanks richlv,

      I kicked the GSM-dialer several times, now it's working.