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Zabbis web not showing any data/inventory/objects

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    Zabbis web not showing any data/inventory/objects

    First, I apologize for the crap title -- this is not simple to describe .

    I'm running zabbix in containers. I have three containers:
    1) zabbixdb -- running mariadb:10.3 image
    2) zabbixsrv -- running zabbix/zabbix-server-mysql:ubuntu-trunk image
    3) zabbixweb -- running zabbix/zabbix-web-nginx-mysql:ubuntu-trunk

    I've verified that each container can reach each other container. I've done pings between them all, and all three are able to connect to & query the database with the zabbix user. So all the basic communication paths are fine as far as I can tell.
    When poking around the zabbix database, it's definitely populated. If I look at the files on the filesystem as well, they're still updating, so I'm thinking that the data is still coming in from the agents out there.

    When I connect to the web UI though, it's empty. The graphs are gone. The dashboard I setup is there, but all things show "No permissions to referred object or it does not exist!". Which, makes sense as when I go into Inventory -> Hosts, or into Graphs, there is nothing there. But, when I look in the database (SELECT * FROM HOSTS, the hosts are still there for sure.

    So, I'm just not sure where to go from here. I tried looking around for a .log file within the zabbixsrv and zabbixweb containers, but I didn't find a relevant log file to sift through. I'm hoping it's just a simple thing.

    To head off the question -- no change to the environment was made that I know of (and I'm the only person with access to it). I went to sleep last night and it was working, and when I got up this morning it was displaying the errors - container uptime was inline with what I expected, so I don't believe a restart or anything happened. I started by just restarting the containers, and then updating all three as well to the latest available image. Neither of those steps helped.

    I'm sure there's more troubleshooting I can do, and logs to look at, just my ignorance of zabbix is in full play. Any help/pointers are appreciated.

    Inventory contains only data when you in manual mode will enter some data manually or in automatic mode will map changes in some host items values propagate those changes to the inventory records.
    zapish - Zabbix API SHell binding
    My zabbix templates


      Figured it out, quite on accident. I opened an incognito window and logged into my webUI there. Everything suddenly showed up. So it appears it was a token/cache issue of sorts that persisted through forced refreshes and such. I then logged out and logged back into the webUI from the "broken" browser and all objects/data was present. Kind of dumb, but, simple fix.

      I knew the inventory was fine because I could see it in the database.



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