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Maximum scope of Zabbix?

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    Maximum scope of Zabbix?

    We currently have a huge Zabbix environment for a a wide berth of our org's entire stack.
    However, we just got word that we need a monitoring tool/strategy/solution for other orgs of the same size. Consistent across the board.
    We could just outfit them each with our same Zabbix setup, but then nothing communicates. Nothing's under the same roof-- we'll have a bunch of different roofs essentially.
    anybody on here ever utilize Zabbix in this way, and maybe have one base database but multiple Zabbix Servers that talk to it? How does that scale/load-balance?whatsapp web whatsapp plus
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    Depending on the specifications and configuration of Zabbix server and the scale of monitoring, it can be centrally managed using the distributed monitoring function. A Zabbix proxy is placed at each site, and the Zabbix server communicates with the proxy.
    By setting access control, the administrator of each site can be set to manage only the hosts in a specific site.



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