Hi everyone,

Last days I've been busy with configuring IPMI to monitor new HP G8-devices.
When we use IPMI, we can monitor (for example) IML-logs via the iLO-interface on a device.

I followed this link https://www.zabbix.com/forum/showthread.php?t=44968.
IPMI is installed and configured as shown in this thread, but when I try to test IPMI with the following command I've got an error:

/usr/sbin/ipmi-sensors -D LAN2_0 -h -u monitor -p [email protected]$$w0rd -l USER -W discretereading --no-header-output --quiet-cache --sdr-cache-recreate --comma-separated-output --entity-sensor-names

ipmi_ctx_open_outofband_2_0: internal error

When looking at the iLO-log, I see the Zabbix-server has contacted the iLO-interface. It looks like that SUSE can't handle the response received with IPMI.
I'm using Zabbix 2.0.4 on SUSE.

Has anyone experience with this error?