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Database alert not working

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    Database alert not working

    I am using Zabbix 2.4.2.

    I have a database alert setup and it was working properly from past many years. But suddenly it stopped working. I have checked the latest data screen, there I am getting value for this item but the alert is not showing up in the screen.
    Rest of the alerts set up in the same database is working fine. I have restated the zabbix and orabbix services both but its not working.

    Please help and let me know if any other information is needed.

    Please any help me to solve this problem.


      What do you see in Monitoring -> Events (Select your server in dropdown).
      Select 1d or 3days

      Does it show email has been sent in Actions? Any numbers? Or nothing? attach screenshot.

      If nothing then means there was no action to send. Double check Configuration -> Actions (Triggers Dropdown menu), see if you're filtering this alert out ?

      Also check Monitoring -> Triggers, see if it triggered first. Check Host -> Triggers see if any errors for its trigger.

      Check also if the user who is not getting alert has permission to the Database host group in zabiix
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        Hi! When you checked the latest data screen for this item, what you saw in column "last check"? Orabbix items are "zabbix trapper" items, and there is straight line instead of spaces on graf, if you haven't new data. If your data are outdated, check logs of Orabbix.


          Database alert not working


          you can also check if you are getting data from "Monitor / last data" from your items.



            Hi All,

            Thanks for the reply. I will answer to everyone.

            First I checked, monitoring -> Latest data. Here I chose server and checked the item. It was showing the data for past few days.

            Then I checked, monitoring -> Triggers. I can see this trigger here.
            I can't even see in monitoring-> events.
            even in Configuration -> Actions, all looks fine, there is no filtering this alert out

            Since mail is setup for this alert, I have received a mail on 5th July and also on 1st August.

            below is the configuration used in trigger:
            NAME:- Transactions have a status of queued for the last 30 mins -File Name={ITEM.LASTVALUE}
            EXPRESSION:- {Template Oracle-OCXP:queued_status.str(none)}=0

            Below is the configuration used in the props file:

            queued_status.Query=select file_name||',' from tableA where processing_status='QUEUED' and Message_type not like 'MANDATE_INITIATION' and generation_type='IMPORT' and Create_Date > sysdate -1



              Guys, sorry for delayed response.
              Please help me to find out the issue.