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Jabber - tls handshake failed

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    Jabber - tls handshake failed


    first some specs:

    Centos 7 x64
    Zabbix 3.2.3
    HDD: 50GB
    RAM: 4GB

    We would like to use the jabber integration but this doesnt work as I get following error: tls handshake failed.
    I did some investigation and it seems that the package iksemel:

    is the culprit as it doesnt support the new chipers.

    However, version 1.5 is supporting OpenSSL:

    Is there any way to have the jabber support working or do I have to wait till the rpm package is released.

    Thank you

    I'm on the same boat as you: Did you solve the issue?

    I'm trying to manually update iksemel to 1.5 but I get a bunch of dependencie requisites that I cannot fix

    Sorry I cannot chip in with a suggestion, but I'll keep an eye on this thread and try to find solutions elsewere as well....


      no, unfortunately not


        Well, I'm happy to tell you that I found a workaround. Do you know how scripts work in zabbix?

        I used sendxmpp and a script in order to send notifications. And It works.

        I'm quite newbie to zabbix and centos so I think you might be able to configure it as well.

        I want to make a manual and an entry on my blog, but more or less, it boils down to this:

        Install sendxmpp
        Create a script similar to this: (I had to tweak a couple of things to fit my setup)
        Create a script on zabbix with the corresponding parameters
        Create a new media type with the "Script" you just created.

        And it works.

        As I said: i'll try to make a post on the next days and publish it here and on reddit

        Good luck!


          Ok, I posted on my blog a full guide on how to enable these notifications.
          I'm not trying to advertise: I don't get any revenue from my blog (which has no visits whatsoever). I just want to pot it somewhere people can find it and use it on their setups - this all comes from good faith.

          Hope it helps. Sorry for the way it's written, I'm not a native english speaker!



            Thank you so much. I´ll give it a try.