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Zabbix web monitoring issue/clarification

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    Zabbix web monitoring issue/clarification

    [email protected] all,

    I have a weird problem setting up web monitoring for a host.

    Let me go a little bit into detail: we use Zabbix 3.2 server and 3 zabbix proxies.
    One of the zabbix proxy is monitoring a host (HOST A) which is a HTTP Proxy (Squid).

    Now, I want to set up web monitoring from this host through squid.
    In the web scenario I´ve setup the HTTP proxy option to http://localhost:3128 but
    the check fails with:
     Step "test" [1 of 1] failed: Couldn't connect to server: couldn't connect to host

    Zabbix Server -- -> Zabbix Proxy ---> Host A (Squid/3128) ---> Internet

    Any hints are much appreciated.

    sorry to bump this. Any hints?


      no one is using this scenario? Is it even possible? Thx


        Any hints on the Squid that the zabbix proxy is actually connecting ?
        Ping test from zabbix proxy to Squid Host is successful ?



          thank you for your reply. Yes, on the squid VM there is the zabbix-agent running and is monitored by zabbix proxy (Linux Template etc.)

          Inside Zabbix GUI, I selected the squid host and added a web scenario; nothing special just a http check on

          The question is now who is doing the HTTP request: the squid VM (zabbix-agent) or the zabbix-proxy?




            As far as I know, the moment you monitor a host with a proxy the proxy does all the things.
            Thats the beauty of a zbx proxy. Zbx server only evaluates and stores the data sent by the proxy.

            So the proxy will take care of the web monitoring.

            Here is the original feature request:


              Originally posted by AndrewSummer View Post
              As far as I know, the moment you monitor a host with a proxy the proxy does all the things.
              Aha ok, then I have to open the firewall ports from the zabbix proxy not the actual squid host. I wasn´t aware of that.

              I was confused because you can select the squid vm host (which is monitored by the zabbix proxy) and add there a web scenario. First I thought the source of the HTTP request is the squid host itself.


                Thanks a lot! Now everything is working as expected.


                  Glad I could help