Use of templates is an excellent way of making maintenance of Zabbix much easier. A set of entities (items, triggers, graphs, applications, screens, discovery rules and web scenarios) can be assigned to a template, allowing efficient management of thousands of devices.

Multiple templates for single host

A template can be linked to a number of hosts. All items, triggers and graphs of the template will be automatically added to the linked hosts. Change definition of a template entity (item, trigger, graph, etc.) and the change will automatically apply to all of the hosts.

Zabbix templates

Nested templates

Templte nesting is a way of one template encompassing one or more other templates. The benefit of nesting is that then you have to link only the one template to the host and the host will inherit all entities of the linked templates automatically.

Nested Templates

Import/export of configuration

Zabbix Import/Export functionality enables effective exchange of configuration entities between systems.

Data is exported in XML format, which is easy to read and modify. Use cases would include:

  • Sharing of templates or network maps between users, systems or organizations
  • Sharing of configuration parameters.
  • Integration with third-party tools

Use of the XML format allows to integrate Zabbix with third party tools and applications and to import/export data.

This functionality applies to three main categories of configuration: hosts and their associated data, network maps and screens.

  1. Host import/export
    • Hosts and their linkage to templates;
    • Templates;
    • Applications;
    • Items;
    • Triggers;
    • Custom graphs;
    • Discovery rules;
    • User macros.
  2. Map import/export
    • Full map configuration;
    • All map elements, including images, triggers, hosts, host groups and maps;
    • All connectors with associated data, including labels and status indicators.
  3. Screen import/export
    • Zabbix screen import/export supports all screen elements.

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