Templating & Import/Export


Use of templates is an excellent way of making maintenance of Zabbix much easier. A set of entities (items, triggers, graphs, applications, screens, discovery rules and web scenarios) can be assigned to a template, allowing efficient management of thousands of devices.

A template can be linked to a number of hosts. All items, triggers and graphs of the template will be automatically added to the linked hosts. Change definition of a template entity (item, trigger, graph, etc.) and the change will automatically apply to all of the hosts.

Import/export of configuration

Zabbix Import/Export functionality enables effective exchange of configuration entities between systems.

Data is exported in XML format, which is easy to read and modify. Use cases would include:

  • Sharing of templates or network maps between users, systems or organizations
  • Sharing of configuration parameters.
  • Integration with third-party tools

Use of the XML format allows to integrate Zabbix with third party tools and applications and to import/export data.

This functionality applies to three main categories of configuration: hosts and their associated data, network maps and screens.

  1. Host import/export
    • Hosts and their linkage to templates;
    • Templates;
    • Applications;
    • Items;
    • Triggers;
    • Custom graphs;
    • Discovery rules;
    • User macros.
  2. Map import/export
    • Full map configuration;
    • All map elements, including images, triggers, hosts, host groups and maps;
    • All connectors with associated data, including labels and status indicators.
  3. Screen import/export
    • Zabbix screen import/export supports all screen elements.
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