3.4 Zabbix Agent (UNIX, Inetd version)

The file contains configuration parameters for zabbix_agent. The file must exist and it should have read permissions for user 'zabbix'. Supported parameters:

ParameterMandatoryDefault valueDescription
Server yes -Comma-delimited list of IP addresses of ZABBIX Servers or Proxies. Connections from other IP addresses will be rejected.
Timeout no 3Do not spend more than Timeout seconds on getting requested value (1-255). The agent does not kill timeouted User Parameters processes!
UnsafeUserParameters no 0 Allow all characters to be passed in arguments to user-defined parameters
UserParameter no User-defined parameter to monitor. There can be several user-defined parameters.
Format: UserParameter=<key>,<shell command>
Note that shell command must not return empty string or EOL only.
Example: UserParameter=system.test,who|wc -l