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5 Zabbix Java gateway

If you use and scripts for starting Zabbix Java gateway, then you can specify the necessary configuration parameters in file The startup and shutdown scripts source the settings file and take care of converting shell variables (listed in the first column) to Java properties (listed in the second column).

If you start Zabbix Java gateway manually by running java directly, then you specify the corresponding Java properties on the command line.

Variable Property Mandatory Range Default Description
LISTEN_IP zabbix.listenIP no IP address to listen on.
LISTEN_PORT zabbix.listenPort no 1024-32767 10052 Port to listen on.
PID_FILE zabbix.pidFile no /tmp/ Name of PID file. If omitted, Zabbix Java Gateway is started as a console application.
START_POLLERS zabbix.startPollers no 1-1000 5 Number of worker threads to start.
TIMEOUT zabbix.timeout no 1-30 3 How long to wait for network operations. This parameter is supported since Zabbix 2.0.15, 2.2.10 and 2.4.5.

Port 10052 is not IANA registered.