Thousands of users around the world...

Community organizing and involvement has always been an essential component of the work Zabbix Team does in order to develop, improve and polish Zabbix monitoring solution up.

We are proud of the close ties we have with Zabbix Users contributing their knowledge and efforts in order to make Zabbix even more feature-rich and easy-to-use.

Within our community pages you will find a wealth of information including posts on newest Zabbix versions and solved issues with useful hints and tips, special events and competitions and more.

The most important reasons to be an active community member are:

  • free Zabbix support

    Pieces of advice from other community members and Zabbix Developers.

  • free information

    Access to useful materials composed by other community members.

  • a chance to improve Zabbix

    Opportunity to influence future releases of Zabbix by participating in respective discussions initiated by Zabbix Team.

Join in!

  • Zabbix Forums

    The Forums are the heart and soul of the Zabbix project. These are the place to leave comments on any Zabbix-related topic and call for various discussions. The Forums are frequented by Zabbix Developers, who assist Users in solving most challenging issues and answering most difficult questions.

    Note! All forum posts are read by Zabbix Developers, no issues or development ideas are left unnoticed!

  • IRC Channel #zabbix at FreeNode

    The channel is quite popular and a great place to discuss any topics. It is very likely that some of Zabbix team members hang there. If you are behind a firewall, you may use FreeNode's WEB interface at

  • Blogs

    Blogs reflect experiences and opinions of Zabbix Users and Zabbix Team members on latest versions of the monitoring solution, recent achievements, upcoming events and any other topics inclusive of Zabbix-unrelated stuff.

  • Zabbix Support System

    Zabbix Support System or its part available to the Community members represents a bug-tracker, where any Zabbix-related issues that demand the Developers attention can be registered and monitored for progress.

  • Wiki

    Wiki is a collection of diverse materials checked and updated by Zabbix users.

  • Developers

    Developers section is for everyone willing to follow development of next Zabbix versions and download latest pre-releases.

  • Zabbix mailing lists

    These mailing lists are intended for discussions and announcements concerning Zabbix.

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