June 16

Zabbix: monitoring an Oracle database through ODBC using LLD

Habrahabr.ru, the popular Russian collaborative IT blog, has published an article on Zabbix [in Russian] about the possibilities of monitoring an Oracle database using ODBC and low-level discovery.

June 5

Professional Training in Spain on Zabbix Monitoring Solution that will support the broadcasting of the World Cup Brazil 2014

Galician Online Magazine, Código Cero, and a Spanish daily newspaper, Faro de Vigo, have published articles [in Spanish] about Zabbix and recently organized Zabbix Professional Training in Pontevedra, Spain, and its relation to the World Cup Brazil 2014.

May 30

The First Zabbix Professional Training in Pontevedra, Spain

On May 26 – 30 Zabbix Professional Training took place in Pontevedra, Spain. What have Pontevedra, Spain and World Cup Brazil 2014 in common? Zabbix is the answer, which will be responsible for monitoring the operation of the broadcasts from the World Cup Brazil 2014. Read the article [in Spanish] here.

Mar 24

Articles about Zabbix in St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University Journal

The latest issue of the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University Journal has published two articles about the Zabbix system: "Analytical Overview of Zabbix International Conference 2013" and "Integrated Management of Big Data Traffic Systems in Distributed Production Environments" (by Mescheryakov S.V., Shchemelinin D.A.). Both articles are available on the editor's official website [in Russian] or via the direct journal's link [in English].

Jan 17

Evolving Integrated Management Tools. Open Source Management Tools Are Also Evolving

ITpro Active, the Japanese website for decision-making in system installations (operated by Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.), has introduced an article [in Japanese] about Zabbix, introducing it as one of the OSS evolving management tools.

Jan 2

From OSC's Point of View: this Will be the OSS of the Year 2014!

Gihyo.jp (operated by Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.), one of the IT publishing companies in Japan, has published an article about Zabbix. The article [in Japanese] introduces OSS, which according to OSC (Open Source Conference) will be popular in 2014, and introduces Zabbix in Operation Monitoring section.


Dec 26

BCN, Japanese Newspaper for IT Sector, Speaks to Kodai Terashima, CEO of Zabbix Japan LLC

After the successfully organized "Zabbix Conference Japan 2013" in Tokyo, the BCN newspaper has interviewed [in Japanese] Kodai Terashima, CEO of Zabbix Japan LLC, about Zabbix company and its journey from Latvia, where the company is based and was initially established, to the Japanese market.

Dec 16

BCN, Japanese Newspaper for IT Sector, Reports on Zabbix Conference Japan 2013

BCN, a weekly business newspaper in Japanese, focusing on the IT industry news, has published an article [in Japanese] about the first Zabbix conference in Japan "Zabbix Conference 2013" that took place on November 22 in Tokyo.

Nov 25

Monitoring.fr Informs Community about Release of Zabbix 2.2

A popular french website, devoted to open-source monitoring, www.monitoring.fr has published an article about the release of Zabbix 2.2, called "Sortie de Zabbix 2.2".

Nov 13

Latvian Business Portal db.lv Shares News of Zabbix 2.2 Release

Another Latvian business portal, db.lv, has published an article, called "Zabbix SIA launches new software" [in Latvian], talking about the new long-awaited major release of Zabbix 2.2.

Nov 12

Latvian Press Speaks About Zabbix 2.2 Release

Latvian media always closely monitor the progress and success stories of Latvian companies on home soil. And, of course, the release of Zabbix 2.2, the latest version of a powerful, innovative and popular open-source monitoring software in the world, is no exception. Information on the Zabbix 2.2 release was published on the National News Agency LETA website, and the agency business portal Nozare.lv [in Latvian].

You can read the article by either processing registration to LETA news, or by applying for a Free guest access.

Sep 23

Automating Network Monitoring with Low-Level Discovery

This article (in Russian), published on one of the leading Russian collaborative blogs about IT, Habrahabr.ru, is telling more about the new Zabbix feature called low-level discovery (LLD) that was added to Zabbix version 2.0.

Sep 18

Vienna Medical University IT strongly relies on open source

Another article was featured in Joinup, the European Commission site, talking about how the Medical University of Vienna, Austria, is replacing proprietary IT solutions with free and open source alternatives, such as Zabbix, expanding the use of this kind of solutions into educational ICT areas.

Sep 13

Zabbix unifies IT monitoring at Danish library centre

Joinup, a European Commission site, has published an article, talking about how Zabbix allowed to unify IT management of the Dansk BiblioteksCenter (DBC) by replacing a collection of six other IT system monitoring tools, both proprietary and open source.

Sep 12

Article about Zabbix on Habrahabr.ru

The published article is about endurance and capability of Zabbix software, showing practical examples of how much data Zabbix can actually "digest". Article is written in Russian and is called “Масштабируя Zabbix” (Scaling Zabbix).

Aug 14

Zabbix Widens the Export Geography

Zabbix was featured in a well-known Latvian news portal Nekrize.lv with an article about Zabbix export progress made over 2012-2013 (in Latvian).

Apr 16

Latvian embassy hosts Zabbix UK Meeting

The official media page of the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia to the United Kingdom has published an article about Zabbix SIA hosting the Zabbix UK Meeting 2013 at the Embassy in London.

Apr 12

Zabbix Talks About Japan and Other Asian Markets

Nekrize.lv, a Latvian news portal, published an interview with Sergey Sorokin, Zabbix Business Development Manager, about Zabbix history in Japan, its strategy and plans for other Asian markets (in Latvian).

Mar 25

Zabbix Conquering Japan

EU-JAPAN, an organization aimed at facilitating cooperation between EU and Japan, has published in its newsletter an article with a success story of Zabbix SIA in Japan and how Zabbix Japan LLC went from the dream to reality.

Mar 5

Zabbix in Linux Magazine / France

In March issue of Linux Magazine / France an article about Zabbix, its functionality, installation and configuration process, as well as the use of collected information is presented. Over 30 pages of the magazine are devoted to a detailed description of Zabbix Monitoring Solution.


Dec 20

Zabbix SIA Becomes the Best Exporter 2012 in Latvia

Major Latvian news portals such as Delfi, Dienas Bizness, and even the Ministry of Economics website posted articles about Zabbix SIA getting the Best Exporter award in small businesses group at the Latvian Export and Innovation Awards 2012, the annual event organized by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and Latvian Ministry of Economics(in Latvian).

Nov 12

Zabbix SIA Is One of the Leaders of Latvian Export

Latvia's most popular news portal Delfi published an article about Zabbix company being one of the finalists of Latvian Export and Innovation Award 2012, organized by LIAA (Investment and Development Agency of Latvia) in cooperation with Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia. The article talks about the successful Zabbix business model, the world-renowned product and services the company exports around the world.

Oct 25

Zabbix is among the leaders of Latvian export

A popular business portal and newspaper Dienas Bizness (eng. - Daily Business) publishes article about Zabbix SIA company, its famous product that successfully competes with other world's leading solutions and about great achievements in exporting high value-added services to more than 30 countries around the world.

Oct 04

DEAC data center “Riga” has gathered world class IT experts

On 20th September, within the framework of Zabbix Conference 2012, IT specialists from around the world had a chance to visit DEAC data center “Riga”. Conference delegates were interested in the DEAC data center potential, as well as have observed the operation of Zabbix in this center.

Oct 03

Latvia's Ambassador Congratulates Latvian IT Company With Entering Japan

Embassy of The Republic of Latvia, TVNET, Delfi.lv, LETA, The Baltic Course, rus.Delfi.lv and other Latvian web portals have published the most recent Zabbix news, dedicated to a Zabbix SIA branch opening in Japan. (in Latvian)

Oct 03

Zabbix Company has Announced the Opening of the Subsidiary in Tokyo

Japanese media sources IT pro, Cloud Watch and Asahi published an article after the press conference devoted to Zabbix Japan LLC grand opening on the 16th of October. (in Japanese)

Sept 27

The Battle for Best Professionals Takes Place at Global Level

An article about shortage of qualified professionals within the IT sector has been published at the Nekrize.lv Latvian web portal. The article is based on the interview with Sergey Sorokin, Director of Business Development at Zabbix SIA (in Latvian).

June 22

Zabbix Can!

A popular TV program "Latvija var" (Latvia Can!) that runs on Latvian national TV channel LTV1 had a broadcast dedicated to Zabbix company. In it, members of our team proudly present the Zabbix solution and services, speak about our customers, community, company culture and atmosphere. There are even some scenes from the Zabbix 2.0 release party. (in Latvian)

May 16

The Success Story of Zabbix

One of Latvia's most popular weekly magazines "IR" has published an interview with Alexei Vladishev, founder and CEO of Zabbix, telling about the company success story and the release of a new major Zabbix 2.0 version (in Latvian).

Mar 26

Zabbix Backup tool development

Many news agencies from Japan such as Nikkei, ITpro Active, AEROPRES, Open press, Cloud Watch, Yahoo! Japan, NEWZINE, N+, Press365, NEWS MEDIA have released information about the Zabbix backup tool development.

Mar 21

Zabbix at CeBIT 2012

Zabbix participation in CeBIT 2012 was highlighted in one of the leading Latvian newspapers – Dienas Bizness.

Mar 19

Announcement of partnership between Zabbix and Intelligence Business Solutions, Ltd.

Dozens of news agencies from Japan such as Nikkei, The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Keymans net, AEROPRES, Press Release Zero, JYOUHO, jyouho pressrelease, COM Search, NEWZIN, News Match Press, News Media, Open Press, Press Partnerz!, AreaBiz Tokyo, Press Express, Press365, N+, TOKEI News, Press Wear and Premium Press have released information about the beginning of the partnership between Zabbix and Intelligence Business Solutions, Ltd.

Mar 15

Announcement of partnership between Zabbix and SERVETECH Co.,Ltd

Several news agencies from Japan such as Press Release Zero, Press Express, PRESS365, AEROPRES, News Match Press, NEWSRELEASE 150, JYOUHO, TOKEI News and PRESS PARTNERZ! have released information about the beginning of the partnership between Zabbix and SERVETECH Co.,Ltd.

Mar 09

Interview with Alexei Vladishev in "Monitoring-fr"

A popular Francophone Community of Open Source has published an interview with Zabbix CEO Alexei Vladishev about Zabbix future plans and upcoming long-awaited release of Zabbix 2.0.

Feb 21

Article on Zabbix in German magazine "ADMIN Netzwerk & Security"

A popular German magazine "ADMIN Netzwerk & Security" has published an article about Zabbix Monitoring Solution, called "Monitoring mit Zabbix" (Eng. - Monitoring with Zabbix)! You may enjoy an abstract online, while full article is available only for registered readers.

Feb 01

Announcement of partnership between Zabbix and FitechForce, Inc.

Several news agencies from Japan such as The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, PressRelease Zero and Press Express have released information about the beginning of the partnership between Zabbix and FitechForce, Inc.


Jun 20

"Monitoring-fr" introducing Alexei Vladishev to French readers

Interview with CEO of Zabbix SIA Alexei Vladishev has been released in Francophone Community of Open Source official website.


Oct 01

Latvian Zabbix competing with IBM and HP

Article in leading Latvian business publication "Dienas Bizness" about Zabbix - monitoring software developed in Latvia, that successfully competes with world market leaders.

Jun 01

Software developed in Latvia popular on Japanese and U.S. markets

The article about Zabbix SIA has been release in local Latvian press "Telegraf"


Feb 22

50 Top Open Source Resources CIOs Should Know (And Maybe Love)

www.ciozone.com mentioned ZABBIX as one of 50 Top Open Source application to keep an eye on.


Oct 11

Linux for Business: 50 Apps to Get your Office on Open Source

www.virtualhosting.com included ZABBIX into the list of 50 Open Source applications for your business.

Mar 12

Zabbix: State-of-the-art network monitoring

www.linux.com published an article about ZABBIX.


Nov 12

'Sergeant' ZABBIX for your Network

PCQuest published an article about ZABBIX.

Apr 12

Network Monitoring with ZABBIX

ZABBIX was mentioned in an article "Network Monitoring with ZABBIX" written for HowtoForge.


Aug 4

Hire a Babysitter for Your Windows Apps

ZABBIX was mentioned in an article "Hire a Babysitter for Your Windows Apps" written by Deann Corum for Enterprise Networking Planet.

May 26

In Search of Tux

ZABBIX was mentioned in an article "In Search of Tux" written by Amy Newman and Michael Hall for ServerWatch.

May 24

Monitor Your Net with Free, High-Performance ZABBIX

Carla Schroder wrote an article about ZABBIX for Enterprise Networking Planet.

May 9

The Third Commandment of system administration

Brian Warshawsky writes about ZABBIX in a NewsForge article entitled "The Third Commandment of system administration".

Apr 27

Thin Linux implementation right prescription for doctors

ZABBIX was mentioned in an article "Thin Linux implementation right prescription for doctors" on SearchEnterpriseLinux.com.

Mar 3

The Watcher Knows

Mark Ramm wrote an article about ZABBIX entitled "The Watcher Knows" in the March, 2005 issue of Linux Magazine.


Dec 26

Monitoring server uptime

ZABBIX was mentioned in an article "Monitoring server uptime" on Web Hosting Reviews.


Oct 10

Network Computing

ZABBIX was mentioned on Network Computing Online.

Jan 12

Screaming Pengiun

Excellent review of ZABBIX v1.0 on Screaming-Penguin.

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