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> 对象

problems are created by the Zabbix server and cannot be modified via the API.


The problem object has the following properties. 问题对象拥有以下属性

Property Type Description
eventid string ID of the problem event. 问题事件的ID
source integer Type of the problem event.

Possible values:
0 - event created by a trigger;
3 - internal event. 问题事件类型。
object integer Type of object that is related to the problem event.

Possible values for trigger events:
0 - trigger.

Possible values for internal events:
0 - trigger;
4 - item;
5 - LLD rule. 与问题事件相关的对象类型。


0-触发器 4-监控项 5-LLD规则
objectid string ID of the related object. 关联对象的ID
clock timestamp Time when the problem event was created. 问题事件创建的时间
ns integer Nanoseconds when the problem event was created. 问题事件创建的纳秒时间
r_eventid string Recovery event ID. 恢复时间的ID
r_clock timestamp Time when the recovery event was created. 恢复事件创建的时间
r_ns integer Nanoseconds when the recovery event was created. 恢复事件创建的纳秒时间
correlationid string Correlation rule ID if this event was recovered by global correlation rule. 事件被全局的关联规则恢复,关联规则的ID
userid string User ID if the problem was manually closed. 手动关闭问题的用户ID
name string Resolved problem name. 解决问题名称
acknowledged integer Acknowledge state for problem.

Possible values:
0 - not acknowledged;
1 - acknowledged. 问题知晓状态
0-不知道 1-知道
severity integer Problem current severity.

Possible values:
0 - not classified;
1 - information;
2 - warning;
3 - average;
4 - high;
5 - disaster. 问题当前级别
0-未定义 1-信息 2-警告 3-一般严重 4-严重 5-灾难