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6 Operator functions

All functions listed here are supported in:

Some general notes on function parameters:

  • Function parameters are separated by a comma
  • Expressions are accepted as parameters
  • Optional function parameters (or parameter parts) are indicated by < >
Description Function-specific parameters Comments
between (min,max)
Check if a value belongs to the given range. min - minimum value
max - maximum value
Supported value types: integer, float

1 - in range
0 - otherwise

=> between(last(/host/key),1,10)=1 - trigger if the value is between 1 and 10.
in (value1,value2,...valueN)
Check if a value is equal to at least one of the listed values. value1,value2,...valueN - listed values (string values must be double-quoted) Supported value types: all

The value is compared to the listed values as numbers, if all of these values can be converted to numeric; otherwise compared as strings.

1 - if equal
0 - otherwise

=> in(last(/host/key),5,10)=1 - trigger if the last value is equal to 5 or 10
=> in(last(/host/key),last(/host/key,#2),"text")=1 - trigger if one of the last 2 values is equal to 'text'.