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6 What's new in Zabbix 6.4.1

MariaDB 10.11 support

The maximum supported version for MariaDB is now 10.11.X.

TimescaleDB 2.10 support

The maximum supported version for TimescaleDB is now 2.10.

Connection options for Oracle plugin

Oracle plugin, supported for Zabbix agent 2, now allows to specify as sysdba, as sysoper, or as sysasm login option. The option can be appended either to the user item key parameter or to the plugin configuration parameter Plugins.Oracle.Sessions.<SessionName>.User in the format user as sysdba (login option is case-insensitive; must not contain a trailing space).

Signing data using RS256

A new sign(hash,key,data) JavaScript function has been implemented allowing to use the RS256 encryption algorithm to calculate the signature.

For more details see: Additional JavaScript objects.