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7 What's new in Zabbix 6.4.2

Configuration sync optimization for Oracle

For Zabbix installations with Oracle, it is now possible to manually change item and item preprocessing database field types from nclob to nvarchar2 by applying a database patch.

Patch application may increase the speed of configuration sync in environments with large number of items and item preprocessing steps, but will reduce the maximum field size limit from 65535 bytes to 4000 bytes for some item parameters. See Known issues for details.

Webhook integrations

New webhook media type for pushing Zabbix notifications to Event-Driven Ansible has been added.

Mixing item key and session parameters in Zabbix agent 2 plugins

Zabbix agent 2 now allows to override named session parameters by specifying new values in the item key parameters. Previously, users had to select if they prefer to provide connection string values in a named session or in an item key. If a named session has been used, related item key parameters had to be empty. Now, if using named sessions, only the first parameter (usually, a URI) has to be specified in the named session, whereas other parameters can be defined either in the named session or in the item key.

HTML support in Geomap attribution dropped

The attribution text for the Geomap dashboard widget can now only contain plain text; HTML support has been dropped.

In Geographical maps settings in the Administration → General section, the field Attribution is now only visible when Tile provider is set to Other.