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  • Event Log - User Account Created (%USERNAME%)


    Собираю с контроллера домена события по ID "4720 - User Account Created" плюс несколько других.

    В триггере указал:

    Name: Event Log - User Account Created...
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  • setting custom script variables when action is running from message body

    I checked the script for sending messages to telegram (
    in message body of it's action , there is some line that set variables within the script ( like : "zbxtg;graphs_period=10800 -- set graphs period (default - 3600 seconds)"
    I need some help to do...
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  • Problem with custom alert

    I'm having a really weird problem with a custom alert. I have created a perl script to send SMS messages. It's pretty straight forward.
    I implemented a slack shell script example and it works fine, but it looks like the perl script is never even called.
    It shows "Sent" in the...
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  • it.joehan
    started a topic Zabbix Custom Alert Script Problem

    Zabbix Custom Alert Script Problem

    Hi All, I am newbie on zabbix. I already searching on google and forum but still not resolved my problem. sorry for my bad english.

    I created custom python alertscript and put it on alertscript path. I tested the script from shell and everything ok, script running well. but when I tested...
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  • arslan
    started a topic Email Alerts on IOWAIT (warnings)

    Email Alerts on IOWAIT (warnings)

    I am gettting an email laerts from zabbix. It is warnings how can i stop zabbix to send warnings alerts. Also I am not understand how zabbix sends warnings on 0.93%. is there any way to change the value. If value greater then 70% then we receive the zabbix alert.

    Trigger: Disk I/O is...
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  • Zabbix- Powershell alert to monitor the mounted volume

    Hi all,

    My Windows machines is having mounted disk named D:, i want to monitor it, if it got fallen, or someone removed by mistake, i need alert alert in zabbix dashboard. Here my question

    To monitor the mounted volume disk ( Say D: drive), i have prepared the powershell script...
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  • rcarlos007
    started a topic Problems with an alert script

    Problems with an alert script

    Hi there !

    I have made all the steps to configure zabbix to execute an alert script ( when a "trigger" has been "triggered", but the script doesn't work. ( located at /usr/lib/zabbix/alertscripts/ )
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  • Bruno de Oliveira
    started a topic Action parameters causing error

    Action parameters causing error

    I'm using a script to send alerts to "pushbullet". It works well If I type "./pushbullet <acess_token> <subject> <body>" but it only works without spaces due to each space represents a parameter.

    I've tried to quote the default subject and message...
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