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Zabbix offers free webinars about Zabbix Monitoring Solution. Webinar topics cover such areas as Zabbix Monitoring Solution architecture, elements, capabilities and setup options, areas of application, scalability and performance, services delivered by Zabbix.

While all of these webinars are intended for general public, in some cases previous experience of using Zabbix Monitoring Solution might be required to fully follow path of the discussion.

Webinars are organized using Webex collaboration software. While speaker delivers presentation, webinar attenders are welcome to ask their questions using chat.

Upcoming Webinars

18 December, Tuesday (Berlin) Was ist neu in Zabbix 4.0

Wolfgang Alper

Certified Trainer, CEO IntelliTrend GmbH - IT-Services, Germany Certified Partner


60 min.

20 December, Thursday (Madrid) Integración Zabbix con Grafana

Hernandes Martins, Gustavo Guido/Joaquin Giucci

Zabbix Certified Trainer Unirede Soluções Corporativas, Brazil Premium Partner


60 min.


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