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  • jm123
    started a topic Zabbix Interface Items History Storage

    Zabbix Interface Items History Storage

    I'm working on calculating transfer values and throughput values +95ths and I'm having a hell of a time figuring out how zabbix is storing the things. Anyone have a part in this? It seems like chaos in the Database, but I trust the front end got it correct with the graphs.

    I'm gonna work...
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  • Calculated item: calculating de number of interfaces

    Hi, i am very new to Zabbix and ive been working on something for a while and i need a few pointers. Basically, i want to be able to count how many interfaces are free on a switch. (or a series of switches).
    I understand that, with discovery rules and item prototypes i can monitor the ifOperStatus...
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  • SNMP screen/report single host interfaces

    There is a lot of power and flexibility in Zabbix, but it seems to me that there are some relatively simple "next steps" that could be posted somewhere for the community. Other than the Zabbix server itself, I am working exclusively with SNMP hosts at the moment. It was a real eye opener...
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  • Mustang
    started a topic SNMP Polling Error

    SNMP Polling Error


    Hopefully someone can help me. I have a fairly small Zabbix implementation monitoring about 25 sites. Each site has a proxy installed.

    Each site has 3-5 switches which are monitored via smnp.

    I have just used a discovery to create items for unicast...
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  • exa
    started a topic LLD - multifield filtering

    LLD - multifield filtering

    Hi everyone,

    So I was trying to setup a LLD for SNMP device interfaces that would do the trick to discover available interfaces and put some items/graphs on them.

    What is the problem - we have a lot of network devices and lots of interfaces on all of them, but around 3/4...
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  • Windows interface de rede

    Boa tarde pessoal,

    Preciso de um ajuda no monitoramento de interfaces de rede no windows.
    Tenho quase uma centena de servidores windows e preciso monitorar o tráfego de rede deles igual já faço com os servidores linux.
    Porém, os servidores Linux as interfaces são eth0,eth1......
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  • Solaris Network Bandwith not giving expeted result

    I found something weird with Zabbix Solaris agent about network activity. I compared zabbix network activity with what my Network administrator gave me and results mismatch. His result shows significant higher peaks and some peaks that aren't in zabbix network graph.

    My hypothesis...
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  • sidlo.marek
    started a topic Interfaces labels in screens

    Interfaces labels in screens


    I have already monitored many interfaces from Linux systems and I pub some ot them in screens to watch the bandwitdh. But, in generated screens there are names of the interfaces, for example eth0, eth1, vlan100, vlan101, vlan102...

    Is it possible to put into the...
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  • Inc0
    started a topic Aggregate bandwidth of different interfaces

    Aggregate bandwidth of different interfaces


    I'm trying to make zabbix generate an aggregate graph of the bandwidth used by different hosts.
    I have created an hostgroup with the hosts I need to monitor but here is the problem: my hosts use different interfaces to comunicate: some use eth0, some eth1 and some other...
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