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  • t0m
    started a topic log monitoring escape [ in regex

    log monitoring escape [ in regex

    I have the following regex, but it will not work. I think, that [ERROR] is the problem that it is not escaped. How can I escape it?

    [..] incorrect syntax near ".*]".
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  • cornelvis
    started a topic Help with regular expressions

    Help with regular expressions

    Hi All,

    I am using Zabbix 4.0.2

    I would like to know if I am doing this correctly.
    I have set up a regexp (USERNAME) and now I want to use that in an item. According to the test, the expression is correct
    Is this the correct way? (see attachment)

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  • Event Log - User Account Created (%USERNAME%)


    Собираю с контроллера домена события по ID "4720 - User Account Created" плюс несколько других.

    В триггере указал:

    Name: Event Log - User Account Created...
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  • Regular expressions inside Macros with context


    I'm trying to define a macro with context, but this context is a regular expression.
    I wonder if this is possible or not.

    What we want to do is to define a {$LOW_SPACE_LIMIT:xxxxxxx} for a group of filesystems that have the same pattern.

    Any help would...
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  • changing regular expression (regex) via zabbix api


    I'd like to change a regular expression (specifically, Network interfaces for discovery) via API. I cannot find where this is documented.

    Anyone have any idea of how to do this? Are regular expressions just another type of Macro, perhaps?

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  • Need help on getting the regexp working for text value of an item

    Hello All,

    I am trying to build a trigger for an item which is producing text value.
    Below is my item details.
    Name - Windows Activation Status
    Type - Zabbix Agent
    Key -[c:\Windows\System32\cscript.exe /nologo c:\Windows\System32\slmgr.vbs
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  • Regexp trigger for not keeping state

    I have a script that runs as an active check on the agents that will either return 'OK' or 'ERROR - .....'.

    The problem is although the trigger fails on each run with the same result, it seems to be resetting and creating a new event. The check is every 60s so I have an event every 60s...
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  • danieled
    started a topic Log items and parameter "regex"

    Log items and parameter "regex"

    Hi All,
    I'm a newbie of zabbix and I'm encountering an issue trying to setup a syslog server monitored by zabbix.
    I'd like to extract from my log the following lines:
    Feb 19 10:35:57 dhcphost dnsmasq-dhcp[505]: DHCPACK(eth0) ab:cd:ef:ab:cd:ef HOST
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  • Dano
    started a topic Template Item Snmp Filter

    Template Item Snmp Filter

    is there a way to filter the result back from an snmp agent, using the regular items in template? Under Discovery Rules i can do filters....

    As i get a result from the switch back regarding CPU utilization containing multiple values:

    5 Secs ( 4.3228%) 60 Secs...
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  • How to define long regular expression (more than 256 chars)


    Currently we use Zabbix 2.2

    I have a really long regular expression that I need to use on log file to check for exceptions.

    The regular expression (it is for IBM WebSphere App server if anyone is interrested) is:
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  • Непонятное с регулярными выражениями

    Нужен совет по регулярным выражениям. На zabbix 2.0.8 пытаюсь...
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  • defenestratexp
    started a topic vfs.file.regexp in the filename

    vfs.file.regexp in the filename

    I know how to use the custom regular expressions and reference them when creating an item. An example would be vfs.file.regexp[/path/to/my/file,@mycustomexpression]

    There is a set of catalina logs I have to set up an item for. I have not one file, but several, all tagged with a date stamp...
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  • vanoden
    started a topic User Macro Regexp

    User Macro Regexp

    I've applied some macros to my hosts, ie {$ENVIRONMENT} value 'Production', and I would like to check for this in triggers as follows:

    {[,iowait].last(#2)}>95 & {{$ENVIRONMENT}.regexp(Production)}>0

    I get the error...
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  • Rafaga
    started a topic SNMP trap - Link Up / Down States

    SNMP trap - Link Up / Down States

    Hi, i'm trying to figure how can i connect a Trigger state to 2 SNMP trap Monitoring Items.

    i've read already the manuals but still can't understand well how to make it.

    What i'm trying to do it's a state that change when a Link Up or Link Down it's sent by device my traps...
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  • levo01
    started a topic Vfs.file.exists and regexp

    Vfs.file.exists and regexp

    Hello ,

    I would like to know if Zabbix 2.0 supports the vfs.file.exists item with regexp.

    I have found an old support page where it is written that it would be added.

    However when I test it doesn't work :

    I have a file for exemple,...
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