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  • SQL queries directly to db for reporting


    We are trying to develop custom SQL queries to be integrated into a report generation system (e.g. jasper reports).

    Where can we find documentation on the description of the MySQL tables of the Zabbix database?

    For example, how would the SQL query look...
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  • mozzie
    started a topic information Security Management

    information Security Management

    Hello, I'm assisting an organisation improved their information security management systems. They use Zabbix extensively for monitoring and I'm wondering if it can report system administrator user logins by server showing last login time, and what privileges the account has (superuser etc)?
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  • abGeopostuk
    started a topic Reports: top 10 alerts

    Reports: top 10 alerts

    We are currently using zabbix 1.6.4 and I were wondering if there was a way of creating more detailed reports in versions 1.8 or 2.0.

    In the version we use there is a report containing the top 100 most active triggers but many of these triggers are simply just changes in state and not true...
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  • pdf and excel report in zabbix 1.8.4

    Dear Zabbixians,

    I am evaluating zabbix 1.8.4 installed in ubuntu 10.04 server. And I am vowed by seeing the amazing features from zabbix. The only one feature I am expecting is to get a reports in the format of .pdf and .xls(Ms excel) .

    I tried to achieve this by following...
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  • mvrasmussen
    started a topic Generating Availability Report Emails

    Generating Availability Report Emails


    First of all thank you for a great forum

    All though i have run into a bit of an issue

    I'm looking for a way to get the data from "Report->Availability Report", more specific the percentage from some items on a host, on a monthly basis
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