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    I have this working when using http but not when I use rabbitmq in ssl_only mode. With https I get error: 111 Connection refused.

    This does work

    curl -i -u guest:guest https://localhost:15671/api/vhosts --insecure

    But https in instead of http and port 15671 instead of 15672 in .rab.auth gives me the 111 error.
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      Most of this seems to work great, however I am having a problem with the Partitions item. It always returns 'not found' from and I can't figure out why right now. Does anyone have this item working?


        The same here as well.


          Originally posted by mcintoshj View Post
          I've updated this template to v2. The update uses zabbix_sender to push data back to zabbix, has some updated discovery and triggers, numerous other fixes, simplified python, etc.
          Hi mcintoshj,

          I am using scripts for monitoring RabbitMQ. Everything is working fine, but I am looking for something where I can have customized triggers for a specific queue. I had tried by cloning current and scripts and updating them so that I can modify the item key variables in the template. But its throwing "Unsupported item key" error. Can you provide some comments so that I can have a separate item key for my defined queue and for which I can have customized trigger. Or any other solution will be helpful.

          Hi Friends,

          If you have any suggestions kindly share the same.

          Thanks in advance...