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Monitoring Test environment and Production via the same Zabbix

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    Monitoring Test environment and Production via the same Zabbix

    I am trying to set up monitoring of both test environment and production environment on the same Zabbix server.

    There are a couple of servers that are used in each environment and I have made templates for them so that I can use the same exact monitoring for both environments.

    Now the only problem is that if the production environment have a Distaster or High problem it is a very serious issue however if the same happens in the test environment it would be expected most of the time and I need to differentiate between this.
    For me I believe the optimal way would be to set a cap on the seriousity for a group of servers. So regardless if it is Average, High, Disaster etc it will cap it to Average.
    Would this be possible?

    Another approach I have been thinking about is to handle this in the Actions so that even though there is a Disaster in the test environment I will not send any message about it.
    But it is not a 100% good solution because it still makes it very hard to get a good overview in the list of problems when Disasters from test and productions are in the same list.

    And I would not really like to have two different lists either since I believe that would be too complicated.

    Any ideas on how to handle this production / test issue are welcome.
    Kind regards

    duplicate yout templates - one for production ( disaster ) and one for test ( high ) and assign the hosts to prod and test host group - that should do for the beginning

    later you can play with actions, tags, etc or setup dashboard with problems filtered on tag value, host group, etc..

    no easy way around - simple thing create two host groups test and prod



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