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How ICMP (ping) from Zabbix Windows agent by WMI

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    How ICMP (ping) from Zabbix Windows agent by WMI

    How ping from Zabbix Windows agent to other device in other subnets (PING Proxy) or test VPN tunel srv <> srv

    1. create ZBX item type of "Zabbix agent"

    2. as KEY take this sentence: wmi.get[root\cimv2,"SELECT StatusCode FROM Win32_PingStatus WHERE Address='IPv4 ADDRESS of monitoring device'"]

    3. Type of information Numeric or Text (what you need)

    4 . Create triger {SERVERWINDOWSNAME:wmi.get[root\cimv2,"SELECT StatusCode FROM Win32_PingStatus WHERE Address='IPv4 ADDRESS'"].last()}<>0

    StatusCode – Ping command status codes.

    0 Success
    11001 Buffer Too Small
    11002 Destination Net Unreachable
    11003 Destination Host Unreachable
    11004 Destination Protocol Unreachable
    11005 Destination Port Unreachable
    11006 No Resources
    11007 Bad Option
    11008 Hardware Error
    11009 Packet Too Big
    11010 Request Timed Out
    11011 Bad Request
    11012 Bad Route
    11013 TimeToLive Expired Transit
    11014 TimeToLive Expired Reassembly
    11015 Parameter Problem
    11016 Source Quench
    11017 Option Too Big
    11018 Bad Destination
    11032 Negotiating IPSEC
    11050 General Failure

    Gud Luck ;-)
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    Hi, Rudlafik.
    Great, it's a good decision.
    I tried this also, but wmi.get has some limitations. For example, you have to use an IP address but if you try FQDN instead you'd get an unsupported item in case of the name resolution error because wmi.get don't get the status code. I think wmi.getall is preferable but it requires some preprocessing.
    I tried to write a similar solution, maybe you will be interested



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