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Template for Ruckus ZoneDirector

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    Template for Ruckus ZoneDirector


    I created a template for the Ruckus ZoneDirector.
    In our organization we have 12 AP's and a ZoneDirector 1100.
    To connect with our WLAN, users must login via AD and get a password/app to connect.
    We wanted to monitor if our AP's are connected and how many users are authenticated.

    Inventory template
    -CPU Utilization
    -ZoneDirector MAC Adress
    -ZoneDirector Serial Number
    -ZoneDirector System Model
    -ZoneDirector System Name
    -ZoneDirector System Version
    Acces Points:
    -AP Status (via Discovery rules) + Triggers
    -Status of interface (eth0,...) + Triggers
    -Authenticated Users on AP
    -Total Authenticated users
    -Total connected users ( Authenticated and not-authenticated)

    Download on my GitHub HERE .

    Comments or enhancements are welcome!

    Im getting the following error when trying to import:

    Cannot find value map "RuckusAPStatus" used for item prototype "AP Status $1" of discovery rule "Ruckus APs" on "Template SNMP Ruckus Zonedirector".


      as discussed on github, you need at least zonedirector firmware 9.10.

      And you need to add valuemaps:

      Administration => General => Value Mapping => Create ValueMap


      0 ⇒ Disconnected
      1 ⇒ Connected
      2 ⇒ ApprovalPending
      3 ⇒ UpgradingFirmware
      4 ⇒ Provisioning

      1 ⇒ Up
      2 ⇒ Down


        I have the template and value maps working but struggling to get the discovery rules for the AP. Do I just make sure that my discovery rules are set correctly for my network and wait?

        I'm totally new to Zabbix but have the majority of my network monitored.


          Name "Zonedirector" suggests template is for the WLAN controller, not the APs.


            Template is great!

            Is there a way to read all SSID-s from ZD and number of users connected on them?


              This is excellent! I have been trying to get LLD discovery working on my ZD 1200 but having a bunch of trouble due to the dynamic OIDs.

              Ultimately I want to get
              RUCKUS-ZD-WLAN-MIB::ruckusZDWLANStaEntryTable records which has all the 'good' data about actual client devices including MAC, IP, packet uplink and downlink, and 'user' if they logged in using the guest pass service. Unfortunately the index is a weird dynamic index including a hex representation of the mac address of the client AP.

              I'd really like to get that uplink and downlink calculated in Zabbix seeing how I find the ZoneDirector UI rather horrible myself (Can't see or sort active clients by uplink/downlink!)

              I just found this post so will try/poke at the template tomorrow but thought to see if you anybody had experience with the data above. I've been looking at various 'advanced' snmp discovery scripts and even a MIB-to-zabbix-template script.

              Just as I am happy to share with other Ruckus admins, I've also been working on some scripts to link up the MAC address of wireless clients with the currently logged on user of a Chromebook using GAM.

              edit: Looking through your template I was able to fill in gaps in my understanding of LLD SNMP discovery. Did not need any external scripts or anything. Now can discover APs and stations right from the Director, thanks! Currently working on making the AP uplink/downlink graphs a bit easier to read at a glance.
              Last edited by snicolas; 01-12-2017, 19:37. Reason: found my solution