About mean of alpha and beta to know progress of developments.

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    About mean of alpha and beta to know progress of developments.

    can i ask mean of alpha and beta?
    my expected answer is
    for example) alpha is darft version before commercial release ,and typically 4-5 alpha version will be release. and the each alpha will be release every 2-4 week. etc

    since ,so far , we can know by when Zabbix new release will be comming and how % is already completed at development or bug fix.
    i appriciate for your great support to know the release policy

    I recognize it as follows.

    - Implemented key functions : Alpha
    - Fatal bugs were fixed : Beta
    - Major bugs were fixed and it seemed likely to be released soon : Release Candidate

    However, release may be delayed if a fatal bug is also found in rc(Release Candidate).
    Even if it becomes rc, there will be no confirmation that it will be released in a few days.

    The other day, Alexei is written as follows.

    "If everything goes well I'd like to have stable Zabbix 4.0 LTS released in May."

    Regarding the latest release schedule, please frequently check the news release from Zabbix LLC and the page of Life Cycle & Release Policy.


      thank you for your response.
      it's helpful for me to undersatand concept at Zabbix.

      but on the other hand ,do you know how to know how many alpha version and beta version will be released until General avaialble?
      and the release schedule ....

      ex)in general, Alpha plan to relase with 4 releas. and beta will have 2-3 release. and the cycle of release ,in case of noany critical issue ,
      Zabbix will relase with several week etc

      since we have highly intention of the release policy!


      i see.
      it's better to use exiting software version as GA or to start making project plan after GA will be release.
      thank you for your clarificaiotn,it's very clear for me.



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