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    1 of 4 issues are shown

    The above text in my Zabbix dashboard gives me an uneasy feeling.

    The whole purpose of Zabbix is to make you feel you have everything in control. It seems there it has something to do with dependencies and the reason of this bug is unknown.
    I'm using these a lot, but I'm also almost exclusively on templated items and triggers. Sometimes it only differs 1

    Could we then get some more info on the dash so we can better troubleshoot?
    Can these other 3 be shown?

    I have it quite often and I'm checking 105 hosts
    My goal is to have a complete green dashboard...
    Zabbix agents on Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, AVM-Fritz!box, DD-WRT and QNAP

    Are others getting this often?

    My remark about templated triggers is a bit unclear...

    What I'm trying to say is that it's odd that the difference between shown and not shown is quite small.

    I have 6 servers using my modified "Linux template". All other templates have more than 50 hosts.
    I've been trying to find the culprit by selectively disabling hosts.

    Although I could diminish the difference by one by disabling a certain host. It's a Linux server with merely templated triggers. The other Linux servers are using the same template. I realize that they are of course in a different condition.

    Please give it some thought!
    It's been there for quite too long..
    I suppose others have this too. Is this so?
    Zabbix agents on Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, AVM-Fritz!box, DD-WRT and QNAP


      What I experienced is that you get 'not shown issues' when you disable hosts or triggers that are in an 'issue' state when you disable them.


        same problem here.
        "19 of 40 issues are shown"
        i agree what calypso stated about removed hosts/triggers, i noticed this too.
        but if this is the wrong way managing hosts, what is the correct way?
        disable host/trigger and let the garbage in zabbix-server until the db loses performance because of garbage?


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