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Macros on Low-level discovery

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    Macros on Low-level discovery


    I'm using low-level discovery rule for snmp items on diferent machines. All works fine. I get the correct values. My question is about monitoring. I don't see on the the prototypes triggers name or prototypes graph name the value of a normal macro {HOST.HOST} for example but {#SNMPVALUE} or {#SNMPINDEX} returns their values.

    Then as a result I obtain a very large list of graphs with the same name for port1, port 2... But I need to see the hostname to localize its ports.

    Used expression on graph name: UDP statistics on{HOST.HOST} Serial Port{#SNMPINDEX}
    Expected result: UDP statistics on Machine1 Serial Port1
    Real result: UDP statistics on {HOST.HOST} Serial Port1

    I've been searching for another macros to use on LLD SNMP and try to use $1 expression. But the result is the same only works {#SNMPVALUE} & {#SNMPINDEX}

    Could anyone answer if we can use anothers macro expressions? or an alternative method to add it?

    For this issue We have 35 machines with 4 port serial each one and we want to monitor RX, TX, Errors traffic. (about 420 items).
    We are using low-level discovery rules because the port used&utilization changes on each machine.

    Thanks very much.

    Fix on 2.2.0

    Posted by Steveboyson Senior Member

    Fixed on

    I haven't tried it yet.

    Anyone has tried it?



      Not supported (

      The only macro currently supported in graph names is {host:key.func(param)}. I've used the API to generate specific graphs with the appropriate names. It sucks, but better than nothing...


        In the same link....

        But, is this explanation not working? or directly not applies.

        7 Supported since Zabbix 2.2.0. Only the avg, last, max and min functions, with seconds as parameter are supported within this macro in graph names. The {HOST.HOST<1-9>} macro can be used as host within the macro. For example:

        {Cisco switch:ifAlias[{#SNMPINDEX}].last(0)}


          It means you can use those within the {host:key.func(param)} macro. E.g.


          You can't use them outside of this macro, which sucks



          No announcement yet.