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Change graphs from K to Whole Numbers

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    Change graphs from K to Whole Numbers

    How do I change this? I can't find anywhere to make Zabbix display whole numbers. I didn't specify a unit of measure so why is it defaulting to a unit of measure?

    well, it does not add units - it just adds the multiplier so that things fot on axis labels etc.

    in 1.8.3, there are only few units that are blacklisted for multipliers - namely, ms, RPM, rpm and % - all other get K, M, G etc multipliers.

    possibility to configure multiplier usage on item level has been discussed, but it's not really that high on the priority list
    you could search tracker for existing feature requests on this and vote on them (or create a new one if none are found)
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      What if you simply allowed users to change the array of blacklisted units. That way, we could add 'users', 'licenses' or whatever we like to the blacklist array, and give the respective items these units.

      Right now, this can be done by hacking include/ and modifying this line:
              $blackList = array('%','ms','rpm');
      Simply moving that array to a configurable value would be enough.


        Finally got around to doing this.

        did this by changing the line above to

        $blackList = array('%','ms','rpm','as');
        once completed, I added the unit "as" to my item and the results are shown above. Hope this helps someone.
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          Change email allerts variable presentation from K to Whole Numbers

          I resume this very usefull thread for my first post and I go even slightly off topic!

          Adding my unit in the blacklist of the /usr/share/zabbix/include/ resolves the issue in topic but the problem remains in the variable used in the alert email action definedin this way:
          There is not problem with the unit of measure rpm for example.
          Is there another file to edit? It would be for me a very valuable info


            In Zabbix 3.2 - Last line "active members" changes to "as" but the graph Y axis still remains as 1.5k.

            $blackList = ['%', 'ms', 'rpm', 'RPM', 'as'];
            Any suggestions?


              Great community and forum. I'm new to Zabbix and experienced the same problems as everyone identified above. In my use case I wanted exact values for graphs and not rounded/summarized numbers. I edited /usr/shar/zabbix/include/ with a blacklist value

              $blackList = ['%', 'ms', 'rpm', 'RPM', '~'];
              This resulted in the graphs Yaxis legends and the last/min/avg/max metrics appending the unit code you defined in You can see this in Axilla's screenshot above, this treatment was ok but I really just wanted to have the integer displayed.

              In Zabbix 4.0 the code includes an IF loop that checks for a

              as the unit in your item. This is also listed in the official documentation:


              Note that if a unit is prefixed with !, then no unit prefixes/processing is applied to item values. See unit blacklisting.



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