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Data type error for SNMP item

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    Data type error for SNMP item

    Hi Folks,

    I'm new to Zabbix and I'm having a hard time to figure out how to proper create Itens for the some of our routers MIB itens.

    Performing a snmpwalk I got 4 interfaces and the respective OIDs to count errors on it.

    IF-MIB::ifDescr.1 = STRING: LAN
    IF-MIB::ifDescr.2 = STRING: WAN1
    IF-MIB::ifDescr.3 = STRING: WAN2
    IF-MIB::ifDescr.4 = STRING: WAN3
    IF-MIB::ifOutErrors.1 = Counter32: 0
    IF-MIB::ifOutErrors.2 = Counter32: 0
    IF-MIB::ifOutErrors.3 = Counter32: 0
    IF-MIB::ifOutErrors.4 = Counter32: 0

    I then create items using a dynamic index:

    But no matter how I set the Type of Information I always end up with an disabled item and error saying:OID [IF-MIB::IfOutErrors.1] value has unknown type [0x81].


    What am I doing wrong?

    Is there a good documentation describing the Type of information and how should I properly choose them?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Figured out the problem. For those out there facing snmp errors of invalid value, pay attention to the uppercase and lower case of OID name.

    I was setting IF-MIB::IfInError (with a capital "I") when the proper OID name is IF-MIB::ifInError (with lower "i").

    After fixing the name everything went fine!!