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Monitoring Disk space usage

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    Monitoring Disk space usage

    I want to get a warning when disk space is filling with a "criminal" rate. I don't like the disk free in % or in MB free - I want to try something new.

    My suggestion for a trigger - which I need some help to develop is the following:

    (24H ago(disk free) - Now(disk free) ) > Now(disk free) = warning

    This should give me a warning if the last 2 days accumulated growth will actually fill the remaining disk space - assuming the fill rate continues.

    Can somebody help me write the trigger string so I can give it a try - THX

    A naive way off doing this would be:
    {Template_Windows:vfs.fs.size[c:,free].last(0,172800) - vfs.fs.size[c:,free].last(0)}>vfs.fs.size[c:,free].last(0)
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    Does anybody not think that disk space monitoring is important ?

    and that 1GB free or 10% triggers sucks?!



      Instead of the good old 10% left og 10GB left - both incredible useless in templates since different disk size and server usage - you all know!

      Try this instead:

      Calculated item with this formula:
      ((last("vfs.fs.size[c:,free]")) - ((last("vfs.fs.size[c:,free]",0,172800))-(last("vfs.fs.size[c:,free]"))))


        Hi.. I'm a bit of a newbie at creating items/triggers but I'm interested in bettering the default file system checks.

        What does that item do?



          It calculates this:

          Now(disk free) - ((24H ago(disk free) - Now(disk free))

          The Trigger just needs to alert if value is below 0

          Both Item and trigger is screenshot and attached.

          Basically this item and trigger alerts you if the disk space is used up within 2 days if the the present rate of space consumption continues.

          Cool stuff is that this actually works - proved by trial and error.
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