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Problem Interface link down, manual recover

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    Problem Interface link down, manual recover

    I know there have been similar posts, but not a single one has a solution, so here I go again:
    I run zabbix for a cisco switch with snmp. Works fine. Now I had my notebook plugged into it and now not anymore. So Zabbix shows me that interface link is down. And I know it is down and it's good like that. How can I get rid of the problem (without disabling the check completely).

    I tried to reset the counters on the switch, clear the history of the item and disabling and enabling the trigger, no luck.

    Sounds like you want a trigger like link was up in the past <time interval> and link is now down. You will have an alert when the link is down that goes away after some time.


      Yes, or something I can put it into the state before there was an alarm. Like I don't have all my ports connected and they don't show up. Can be also manual action.


        Found a solution:

        Added this to release expression:


        or {whws02:net.if.status[ifOperStatus.{#SNMPINDEX}].diff()}=0

        so if I delete the history it gets resolved


          warpdan Brillant, it should be changed in the stock SNMP template.

          I applied your change at the template level and deleted all the triggers for the switches it worked great.

          I opened an issue, we'll see what happens :
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