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Proxy and host triggers

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    Proxy and host triggers

    Hi guys,

    I have a strange behavior with host simple checks behind a proxy.

    When the proxy is active and the host monitored by the proxy is down, the trigger for the host is activated. ICMP PING: 0

    When the proxy is not reachable Zabbix indicates that the proxy is not reachable (correct) but the state of the host monitored by the proxy remains not updated with ICMP PING:0 (not correct, for Zabbix the state is UP and I have no TRIGGER)
    Also, the "Last Check" time is not updated!
    When the proxy return to become available the host is still with ICMP PING 0 but in "Latest data" I see the updated time.

    Must Zabbix activate the trigger for ICMP PING:0 for the host?

    Zabbix server: zabbix_server (Zabbix) 4.0.2
    Proxy (on Raspbian): zabbix_proxy (Zabbix) 4.0.2

    Last edited by FabPell980; 17-12-2018, 16:31.

    I have reinstalled both server and proxy but the problem is still here.
    As You can see:

    Click image for larger version

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    Proxy Roma is down.
    Switch Roma monitored via Proxy Roma is still UP.

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