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zabbix trigger based on one week old data

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    zabbix trigger based on one week old data

    I'm very much new to Zabbix. i have tried my hands on triggers. what i was able to make out was it can set triggers on some constant threshold. what i need is that it should compare with the data which i exactly one week old for that exact time and if the change is above some particular % threshold then trigger an alert.

    i had tried some steps like keeping the current data and one week old data in and external database and then querying that data with zabbix ODBC drivers but then i was stuck when i was not able to compare two items.

    if i may be confusing stating my issue. let me know and i will be more clear with my problem.

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    Just show trigger expression which you've been so far trying.
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      you can use the last() function for this.

      For example, if we sample our data every 5 minutes and we want to compare the last value with the value 10 minutes ago we can use (item1.last(#1)/item2.last(#3)) > 1.2 - this will trigger an alert if the latest value is greater by 20% than the value 10 minutes ago.

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