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How to get template 'Action' to send email to different groups

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    How to get template 'Action' to send email to different groups

    How can I get an 'Action', which is configured as a template, to email different groups of people?

    When configuring the Action -> Operations, a Step for Send Message doesn't seem to give me an option to put in a Group placeholder. That is, that it should send the Message to a different group of people depending on which Host the Trigger was caused by.

    Such as this:
    There's a template Trigger to monitor a Web Page on 3 different servers
    ServerA has a web page that goes down
    Trigger "Check Web Page" registers this event
    Action "Respond to Web problem" is based on that Trigger
    - The Action can use macros to identify which server the issue was from
    The Action has an operation to send an email
    - This email is configured to go to a specific Group

    ServerB has a web page that goes down
    ... The Action of the Operation that sends the email is still using the same Group as recipients of the email.

    I would like the email to go to a different Group for each server - there are different people who are responsible for different servers.

    I could create a whole new Action for each server, but that goes against the idea of using a Template.

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      If permissions are set so group a doesn't have access to group b servers, you should be able to put all servers and groups in the same action, security should filter.


        I'll have to look into that. I've not messed too much with server access for Groups.

        What I think would be best would be something like a user defined Macro: The Template contains the macros, which when evaluated returns the Name of a Group (or ID, or whatever). Then it is that Group that can be used in the Actions for sending emails to. This would also allow for different Groups to be sent emails at different stages of the same action. For example, say that the first time a process/service/webpage goes down, the email goes out to Group A, but then if it's still down an hour later, then it goes to Group A and Group B, etc.



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