Is Zabbix 4.0.3 considered LTS?

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    Is Zabbix 4.0.3 considered LTS?


    I would like to know if a minor version such as the 4.0.3 is considered as LTS? I know 4.0 is LTS release 100% but I am not clear if 4.0.3 is also considered LTS?

    There seem to be a lot of fixes between 4.0 and 4.0.3 and would like to choose 4.0.3 over 4.0 if it is considered LTS.

    Hello and welcome to Zabbix forums!

    Zabbix 4.0.3 is LTS.
    4.0 as such is LTS and that applies to every minor update version like current 4.0.3 etc. When 4.0 branch was released, it started with 4.0.0, then every update of that increases the last minor version number by 1. Currently 4.0.3 indeed includes very important fixes compared to initial 4.0.0 so you definitely should go with the very latest one available.

    Now the next upcoming major release will be 4.2 but that will not be considered as LTS with 5 year updates etc.

    More on this topic here:


      Thank you very much.



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