Trigger after x min not working?

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    Trigger after x min not working?

    I have a trigger set for available memory less than 512M, I am trying to set this to only trigger after it has been less than this for 15 minutes.

    The issue I am having is that the trigger will activate as soon as it drops below 512M, Ie. not waiting 15 minutes.

    This is the expression I am using
    {Williams Commerce Linux Production:vm.memory.size[available].last(15m)}<512M

    I am using Zabbix 4.0.3

    It work complete correctly.

    Trigger looks back for 15 minutes and if one values is less than 512M (in this period time 15 minutes) then activate trigger.

    Check this site


      Ok, I understand that

      But how can I make this work as I need. As some of our servers can spike in usage, I dont want it to trigger as soon as it hits the limit.


        Ok, so I have rewritten the expression like this and it is working as I need it to

        {Williams Commerce Linux Production:vm.memory.size[available].last(#1)}<512M and {Williams Commerce Linux Production:vm.memory.size[available].last(#2)}<512M and {Williams Commerce Linux Production:vm.memory.size[available].last(#3)}<512M and {Williams Commerce Linux Production:vm.memory.size[available].last(#4)}<512M and {Williams Commerce Linux Production:vm.memory.size[available].last(#5)}<512M and {Williams Commerce Linux Production:vm.memory.size[available].last(#6)}<512M and {Williams Commerce Linux Production:vm.memory.size[available].last(#7)}<512M and {Williams Commerce Linux Production:vm.memory.size[available].last(#8)}<512M and {Williams Commerce Linux Production:vm.memory.size[available].last(#9)}<512M and {Williams Commerce Linux Production:vm.memory.size[available].last(#10)}<512M and {Williams Commerce Linux Production:vm.memory.size[available].last(#11)}<512M and {Williams Commerce Linux Production:vm.memory.size[available].last(#12)}<512M and {Williams Commerce Linux Production:vm.memory.size[available].last(#13)}<512M and {Williams Commerce Linux Production:vm.memory.size[available].last(#14)}<512M and {Williams Commerce Linux Production:vm.memory.size[available].last(#15)}<512M

        But it looks a bit messy, does anyone know a nicer way of writing this?


          Maybe help this trigger:


          This is average value for 15 minutes ago. If you have interval 1 minute, you have avg for 15 last items etc.


          The function last uses a different meaning for values when prefixed with the hash mark - it makes it choose the n-th previous value, so given the values 3, 7, 2, 6, 5 (from most recent to least recent), last(#2) would return 7 and last(#5) would return 5.
          Several functions support an additional, second time_shift parameter. This parameter allows to reference data from a period of time in the past. For example, avg(1h,1d) will return the average value for an hour one day ago.
          You can use the supported unit symbols in trigger expressions, for example '5m' (minutes) instead of '300' seconds or '1d' (day) instead of '86400' seconds. '1K' will stand for '1024' bytes.
          I read your post twice. Your trigger work if all 15 last values is less than 512M if one is bigger than 512M this trigger not work. (logical and)

          It means that avg must by less than 512M.



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