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Zabbix 4 - Monitor a specific OID

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    Zabbix 4 - Monitor a specific OID

    Hey to everyone!

    I'm kinda new to this.
    I'm trying to add one of our NAS into zabbix.
    I downloaded the MiB-File, imported it into my server and successfully tested it with snmpwalk.

    My problem now is, that I have some understanding issues.
    I want to monitor free disk on our NAS devices.

    I looked into the output from snmpwalk and tried finding something that includes something like "freedisk or anything with disk" where I can find the specific OID to add in zabbix.
    I have understanding issues at this point, any help would mean alot to me.

    Its not just a NAS, where i want to create an own template. In the future I want to add more specific devices and monitoring with own created templates!
    Any step for step tutorial would be nice, sadly I couldn't find anything over the internet.

    I appreciate any help!


    You might check here and see if someone has already created a template


      Thanks for the answer,
      but I dont want to use an already created Item. I want to create my own template and want to learn, I am new to all this.



      No announcement yet.