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Trigger with time and date range

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    Trigger with time and date range


    I try to monitor windows process (if it work or not) in period of time.
    Now i add only time range and it dont't work. If it work i wanna also add day of week range 1-5 --> 8:00-17:00, 6-7 --> 00:00 - 00:00

    My zabbix version: 4.0

    My test item:

    my test trigger:
    0 - offline
    1 - online

    {DELLRN7roc.num[notepad.exe].avg(1m)}=0 and {DELLRN7roc.num[notepad.exe].time()}>170000 or {DELLRN7roc.num[notepad.exe].time()}<080000 and {DELLRN7roc.num[notepad.exe].avg(1m)}=0

    and it don't work

    only when i set up to monitor 24/7 it working :

    How to fix this?


    You can left the trigger as {DELLRN7roc.num[notepad.exe].avg(1m)}=0 and to monitor process in predetermined periods of time, you can use “Custom intervals”, that are available in a chosen item configuration page, judging by your post, yours would look like that:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot from 2019-04-26 16-56-11.png
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    The trigger will be active only when the new data will available.


      A small update, this will also result in monitoring item state only in mentioned intervals, so if it's not exactly what you are looking for, can you please describe in simple terms, how the proccess should be monitored - when the state is OK, and when the state should be PROBLEM (triggered), and should the item be monitored 24/7, but trigger active in mentioned times.


        Thx lagavazzz for answer.
        I find the solution.
        The problem was that time to my rules working in UTC time and don't include local time.
        So it's working to me with 2h of delay.

        With this "Custom intervals" it's don't work like that in this time the process is not monitored ?
        Example: Then my trigger change to offline (and show error in panel) in this "Custom intervals" when i set up to 0 the process will start so i still will be have a Error that process don't work ? (because it's don't check )


          Glad you found the issue.

          Sorry, I was under impression that you are trying to monitor if the notepad.exe is on during 1-5 --> 8:00-17:00, 6-7 --> 00:00 - 00:00. then the solution with custom intervals could work.

          If you are trying to monitor whether the notepad.exe is off, outside of mentioned times, then your trigger is more appropriate.



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