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How can i pass values collected by agents to script on zabbix server?

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    How can i pass values collected by agents to script on zabbix server?


    I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.
    I've created an autodiscovery rule - it collects some text strings which are present in config files on remote servers. This step is working fine.

    I have a script which checks if given string is present in blacklist-file. Both the checking script and blacklist reside on zabbix server. Blacklist-file is pretty large and is downloaded from github via cron and I don't want to keep a copy of this file on every remote server.

    So, the question: How can I check values which I receive from several zabbix agents using a script on zabbix server? I was thinking about "SSH check" where I would specify as host address, but there is no field "host address" when creating item prototype.

    I'm using old 2.4 zabbix server version. If it can't be done on 2.4, but there is a solution for a newer version, please let me know.

    1) Remote agent on client1 returns two strings:

    2) Remote agent on client2 returns two other strings:

    3) On zabbix server file with blacklisted strings contains these strings:

    4) I want to feed output obtained in steps 1 and 2 to script "" which resides on zabbix server which will do the checking and return "1" for strings from step 3.



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