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Monitoring the zabbix proxy host itself

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    Monitoring the zabbix proxy host itself

    Hi There,
    Please give me some feedback on the issue of "how to monitor the proxy-host itself".

    I monitor a quite large remote site ( 250 hosts / 750 VPS) through a single proxy.
    Communication between server and proxy is over an IVPN with limited throughput and a firewall that limits my access.
    So I am stuck with a passive proxymode, but that works 95%.

    The proxy host itself is monitored through a local agent, connected from the proxy process on the proxy host. ( )
    But the server sometimes loses connection , and complains about 5 minutes without updates from the proxy, and it always auto resolves itself.
    The issue could be the VPN or the hourly cleanup task @proxy

    Can I monitor the connection to the proxy host, from the Zabbix server itself?
    Without creating a second host that is actually the same as the one already defined ?
    With 1 host i can only see 1 switch to select "Monitored by proxy/ No proxy ".

    ( Version 3.4 on server and proxy, Proxy running on Ubuntu 16.04 )

    Regards M-H


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