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zabbix with prometheus discovery rules

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    zabbix with prometheus discovery rules

    Hello All,

    i'm currently demoing and trialing the new features of 4.2 which is the lld of prometheus metrics which is going great but i have a hit a snag somewhere.
    for some devices we might want to switch to having prometheus do the snmp checks and expose those metrics to zabbix instead of our zabbix server doing the snmp checking directly

    there is one item where i am actually not interested in the value attached to the metric name but the metric name itself.
    if possible the metrics name should be the value.


    with snmp monitoring you can get the alias of for example interface TenGigabitEthernet 1/1 as value

    with prometheus you get:
    # HELP ifAlias This object is an 'alias' name for the interface as specified by a network manager, and provides a non-volatile 'handle' for the interface - # TYPE ifAlias gauge ifAlias{ifAlias="Connection to SWITCH900",ifDescr="TenGigabitEthernet 1/1",ifIndex="10123",ifName="Gi1/1/0"} 1
    the 1 on the end is the value but for ifAlias i want to turn the "Connection to SWITCH900" into the value.
    is that possible how would i do that? potentially with a regex after the prometheus pattern ?

    thanks for reading.